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Turkey recap is an independent, reader-supported news platform created to help observers, analysts and the rest of us make sense of the fast-paced Turkey news cycle.

We launched our English-language newsletter in Oct. 2019 and have since expanded our publications to include Turkish-language newsletters, in-depth reports and a variety of news tracking tools available to Turkey recap members via Patreon or Substack.

Turkey recap is produced by the Kolektif Medya Derneği, our İstanbul-based non-profit collective founded in Aug. 2023 to support and elevate news media and journalists in Turkey.

Our team members include Gonca Tokyol, Ingrid Woudwijk, Verda Uyar and Diego Cupolo, who co-founded the platform with Raziye Akkoç. This website was made by Oğul Köseoğlu.


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Diego Cupolo
Multimedia journalist with work in AFP, Al-Monitor, Atlantic, Economist, FT and Politico

Gonca Tokyol
Freelance journalist for Independent Türkçe and Inside Turkey, formerly T24 & Sputnik

Ingrid Woudwijk
Turkey correspondent for Dutch newspapers, Trouw and Nederlands Dagblad

Verda Uyar
Digital growth specialist at SPI International, freelance editor

Sema Beşevli
Editorial intern, Bahçeşehir Univeristy New Media student

Onur Hasip Yılmaz
Editorial intern, Mimar Sinan Güzel Sanatlar Üniversitesi graduate student

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